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Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Life in Flight Blog |

“You Are Here Now Because You Are a Survivor.”

“You Are Here Now Because You Are a Survivor.”


A few years ago I attended a facinating talk by Dr. Norman Rosenthal. He was invited to speak about his latest book called “The Gift of Adversity.” I didn’t know much about Dr. Rosenthal, but I loved his positive approach.

After an impressive introduction Dr. Rosenthal energetically took the stage and warmly greeted the audience with his charming South African accent.

Within the first 30 seconds he said something profoundly simple and incredibly powerful.

“You are all here now because you are survivors.”

What a concept, I am a survivor…

Almost immediately I felt myself grow a bit taller in my seat. There is such strength in that statement, as any number of things could have happened in my life where I may not have been sitting in this seat, listening to this inspirational doctor speak.

I’ve always held onto the notion that there are gifts in difficult situations. It’s not always easy (for anyone) to remember this – or appreciate “the gift of adversity” when in the trenches and things aren’t going well.

But it’s the toughest times that make you stronger.  Without these challenges, you would never know your own strength,  resilience, and the depth of your character.

So remember, no matter what happens…

You are here now because you are a survivor.

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