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Air France’s new Millennial airline maybe less annoying than it sounds



How to score that upgrade to First Class. Travel experts weigh in on the little things you can do that can make all the difference.



From Joie of JTav Clinical Skin Care, Carolyn is delighted to be the lucky recipient of the ultra hydrating and skin firming “wrinkle eraser” treatment called Cool Lifting!


As a travel insider, Carolyn shares her experience with TSA’s new enhanced pat down security screening.



Bubbles are festive, but not when you’re airborne! Carolyn shares why you have “jet belly” after flying and what you can do to prevent it.



When it comes to fashion and function, not all (airline) uniforms are equal. Carolyn weighs in on what’s out there now, reveals what crew members really think, and are some uniforms unsafe to wear?


“I notice = I care” When it comes to being tuned in and exceeding your clients expectations, Carolyn shares the importance of being keenly tuned in to the smallest details for that winning result.



Carolyn shares her insider travel secrets to getting that illusive upgrade to first class, and its easier than you think!



In a segment featuring new healthy food trends Carolyn demonstrates for Dr. Oz her favorite low carb option to regular pasta.



In this article Carolyn helps people keep calm and carry on in “Airport Survival: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your ‘Cool’ When Traveling”



Carolyn advises travelers how to navigate with ease in “7 Insider Tips for Seamless Holiday Travel”

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There’s a trick for being a standout for that spontaneous upgrade to First Class, and Carolyn shares her insider tip.



When you really want to help, Carolyn gives readers some valuable personal coaching tips in “What You Can Do When Someone’s Upset.”



From an insiders perspective, Carolyn shares some of her favorite tips to Forbes for “20 Holiday Travel Secrets From Industry Insiders”


“Private Jetequette 101” To untangle the mysteries, DuJour assembled a team of experts: Jodi R.R. Smith, president of etiquette consultancy Mannersmith; and travel insider Carolyn Paddock…



TODAY SHOW Travel “It’s a Snap!” Inspirational photo from Carolyn Paddock “Basking in the warm Mediterranean sun, at Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in France.”


Airlines won’t fess up, but Carolyn shares with readers the secret tips to scoring a last minute upgrade to First Class.



After traveling with CEO’s and executives, Carolyn reveals what you should never do in “9 Things You Should Never Do When Traveling with Your Boss”


TIME taps travel insider Carolyn Paddock for “Virgin America’s New Uniforms: A 75-Year History of Fashion In Flight”


Staying healthy and hydrated while traveling is no small matter. Travel expert Carolyn Paddock adds her advice in “Hydration Education Tips and tricks to battle sky-high dehydration”



Adding her how-to’s, Carolyn conveys some her best kept secrets for receiving great customer service while traveling.


Carolyn adds her background in aviation as one of the “Jobs That Make You Fit.”


Savvy world traveller Carolyn Paddock is interviewed for “Tips for Solo Travelers”


Special edition luxury travel kit from In-Flight Insider featured in “Christmas Gifts 2010: 12 Ideas For The Frequent Traveler (PHOTOS)”


Bill Briggs asks travel industry insiders including Carolyn  “Can bad inflight behavior put you on the no fly list?”


In her article “Tray Tables Stowed! Seats in the Upright Position!”Carolyn Paddock demystifies the in-flight emergency procedures when flight 4951 made its emergency one-wheeled landing at JFK on September 25th, 2010.


USA Today covers the increasing in-flight turbulence in “Flight attendants face soaring tension in the unfriendly skies”


Carolyn Paddock gives MSNBC insight in “Flight Attendants: Bartenders or Bad Cops” where hard-working airline crew member juggling conflicting responsibilities.


Eating well while traveling isn’t always easy as outlined in “The Most Dangerous Airline Meals”


In “Pat On The Back” a monthly column that recognizes outstanding service experiences, Carolyn recounts her incredible experience at the famed Hotel St. Barths Isle de France.


In”Travelers get a case of the mile-high heebie-jeebies.” Carolyn says that “What’s bothering people is a culmination of things,” who worked as a flight attendant at Delta Air Lines for 17 years.


Editors’ Note: Carolyn Paddock writes about products and services that are beneficial for travelers. The products and services mentioned are neither commissioned by nor written in cooperation with the product company or manufacturers.