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“Coaching is about empowering clients to get from where they are today
to where they want to be tomorrow.”


Life In Flight Executive & Personal Coaching Philosophy
Life in Flight coaching enables executives, entrepreneurs, and other motivated individuals to listen to their inner voices, envision what’s possible, chart a course, and reach the next destination in their lives and careers.


What to expect

Life in Flight Coaching is a collaborative process that is focused on results. Carolyn works alongside successful people who are at a crossroads and seeking solutions to get them to their next destination. By asking insightful questions and listening actively, she provides invaluable support, encouragement, and an informed fresh perspective. Through the coaching process, Carolyn’s clients are able to clearly organize their thoughts and discover new levels of self-awareness. By listening to their inner compass, Carolyn’s clients co-create a bespoke roadmap that will help them reach their next destination in their life or career.



Carolyn offers short series focused on gaining clarity as well as ongoing touchstone support. Most clients experience transformation after one to five sessions, using periodic check-ins for immediate resolution and ongoing support.


Personal Assessment
This is the starting point for all Coaching engagements. This session will help Carolyn understand your needs and create clarity around your goals. Before you leave, she will work with you to create a bespoke strategy to help you succeed.

One session


Clarity Series
This series is designed for the person who is poised for change, action-oriented, and looking for fast results. In just a few of sessions, clients gain clarity around their issue or concern, create a plan, and leave motivated to take action.

One to five coaching sessions


Touchstone Retainer

The retainer is well suited for the person who is motivated, comfortable with change, and seeking continuous coaching and a fresh point of view from a trustworthy source. Over two to four sessions per month, clients receive ongoing support, resources, and tools for their transformation.

Two to four coaching sessions per month



“Carolyn Paddock is insightful, savvy, and has great intuition. Her ability to ask impactful targeted questions enables the client to clearly identify and create a results driven solution.”

– Andrea B. Werbel, Founder & Managing Director of Parasol

“I came to Carolyn in the midst of a crisis… things felt like they were spinning out of control. From the first session, she allowed me to speak freely without fear of ridicule. We determined which things in my life were ‘burning fires’ that needed to be dealt with immediately. Each week, we would meet and set achievable goals. We even talked about how to deal with difficult personalities (little trinkets of wisdom I still carry with me today). Most importantly we developed a game plan that nurtures positive personal development. I thank God for this experience, it changed my life forever.”

– Alexis Todd, Public Relations

“Carolyn seemed genuinely interested in helping me and showed she understood. Between sessions she asked questions that helped me reflect on my situation. She helped me understand the transition that I am going through and it’s normal to feel the way I do. Carolyn inspired me to stop avoiding ‘it’ and start working on a life change.”

– Dawn Silverstein, Owner NYDK Productions, Inc.